What is the answer to the plague of crime?
The local church in action!

“Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those

who are mistreated is if you yourselves were suffering!”  Hebrews 13:3​

Our ministry is centered around a
dual desire for the local church:

First: We will help the church view offenders and ex-offenders with a new perspective.  Many of those in jails are nonviolent offenders, whose offenses now force them to  be locked up with hardened criminals.  Men and women who are incarcerated have left families and loved ones behind.  God calls us to minister to these people.

Second: We will encourage inmates and their families to become involved in a local church.  In most cases, the innocent families of the inmates are serving the very same sentence as the one who committed the crime.  Although totally innocent of any wrong doing, they become the unseen “victims” of crime due to ostracization and hardship.

The local church possesses knowledge about living the Christian life.  Released

inmates desperately need to learn how to apply this knowledge to their own lives!