We can show you how HOPE Prison Ministry can

reduce the NY State prison budget by $34,247,120 a year! 

"HOPE" Prison Ministry believes the way to truly break the grip that crime has on this country is by bringing the love of Jesus Christ into the county jails.

It costs an average of $60,076 a year to keep an inmate in a NY State prison!   Think about that...$60,076 a year!  You could put someone thru college for $60,076 a year!

In comparison, what does a year in prison produce?  Future felonies?  A “prison trained” criminal?  A family left behind welfare must support?

We want to help you take that money and use it in your community for:
Roads  -  Schools  -  Bridges  -  Libraries  -  etc.​
​​If we prevent ten people in every county in N Y State
from going to or returning to prison, we will reduce
the state prison budget by over $37,247,120 a year!​​

If you are a business person, which would you rather have?  A hardened criminal taking what they want at 2:00 in the morning, or one of our restored ex-offenders buying what they want at 2:00 in the afternoon.  If you are a citizen who is concerned about the worsening crime situation, our proven programs are an answer to prayer.

We ask you to prayerfully consider supporting "HOPE" Prison Ministry's programs that will create lower taxes, provide a much needed resource to your community, lower future felonies resulting in fewer families on welfare, produce fewer "prison trained" criminals, and help restore peace to your community!

By supporting the programs of “HOPE” Prison Ministry
yo​u are investing in your own local community!